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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The "Patriarch" is dying....

I wish death upon no person that is not an Islamic terrorist or Ivy League humanities professor, however I will certainly not shed a tear when Ted Kennedy meets his maker and finally has to answer for Mary Jo Kopechne. You can escape human justice, especially if you are rich and powerful, but no one can escape the ultimate justice and equality that comes to us all in death.

Ted Kennedy is truly one of America's great lowlifes; His recent political betrayal of the equally loathsome Hillary Clinton should be the exclamation point at the end of his long, corrupt, and pointless political career, however I suspect he will be spun into something of a tragic hero bravely battling cancer by our mainstream media.

Bravery, however, would have been more aptly demonstrated by sacrificing one's political career and presidential apsirations to try to save a girl that was left to drown in a 1967 Oldsmobile. Maybe Ted truly is remorseful about Chappaquiddick, but if he was any sort of honorable person he would have come clean about his drunk driving a long, long time ago.