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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

TDL REPORTS: Michelle Malkin is My Hero

By: A.C #1

In the 24 hour news cycle stories have distinct shelf lives. Something can be treated as the most dire of threats for one hour, then quickly be dumped the very next one to make way for some urgent "breaking news" like a Police chase in L.A, or a puppy dog who has been trained to eat ice cream. Though the Blogosphere has it's many downsides as well, mostly crazed whackos on either side who tragically lower America's national discourse, yes I include myself in that group, one of the best parts is total editorial discretion.

On Michelle Malkin's blog today, Mrs.Malkin takes on the liberal infatuation with convicted cop killer, and sometime poet Mumia Abdullah Jabal. (His name shall never appear with correct spelling on this blog.) The Mumra Ali-baba Jalal acolytes are all in a tizzy because they're main man isn't getting fair and equal representation on the Today show, which will feature a segment this Thursday with Officer Danny Faulkner's, the cop ol'Mummy shot multiple times in the face in self defense of course, widow who has written a book about her life since her husband was killed entitled "Murdered by Mumia."

While Mrs. Malkin is calm and dignified, as usual, in her delivery I hold no similar such predilections:

What kind of loser dedicates their life and time to some sorry jackass "revolutionary journalist" sitting on death row? Don't these morons have anything, anything at all in their lives to focus on. Oh no, how could I say that they'd argue, we as a people must stand up against the man and all his nefarious machinations, "justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere" yeah right one day the "Man" decided to frame some nobody shithead name Moomia Akbari Janal because he "knows" the "truth" about evil Whitey's plans I suppose. That's also why the CIA introduced crack to the ghetto, and detonated a bomb on the New Orleans levies, to keep people from overthrowing the guvment, or whatever. It's really is pathetic when members of a society become so safe and content that they look to manufacture outrage, and create conspiracy theories just to fill their empty lives, what fucking losers.

" this upside down world where infamy pays Daniel Faulkner's convicted killer is an international celebrity" - Michele Malkin saying it as well as it could be said, "upside down world" that's no shit.

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Thanks to bloggers like Michelle Malkin Officer Faulkner won't be forgotten.