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Monday, December 04, 2006


By: A.C #1

First the reasoning: Leftists hate the police and all law enforcement officers for one major reason- being a Police Officer is a manly job.

It's pretty much that simple. Most cops are male, straight, white, and tough; all things which disgust the average liberal to the core. Liberals love to hide away from reality in a theoretical world in which mankind, excuse me, 'womynkind' is peaceful and attuned to the cycles of the Earth Mother while also being devoid of any violent predilection. Conversely, Police officers operate daily in the scary environments that these cowardly liberals are seeking to avoid.

This "reasoning" has an overarching theme: Police and the prisons into which criminals are confined have become barriers to womynkind's spiritual enlightenment and in themselves self-fulling prophecies eg., someone sees a Cop and feels oppressed, this feeling of oppression leads to lack of self-confidence, which leads to getting it crunk in da hood and being sent to prison.

It was this "logic" which, I assume, fueled an article by Radley Balko in the November issue of Playboy Magazine. Now you probably remember that for the last few years I've been punished with a free subscription to Playboy. Though the magazine has the good and noble purpose of providing high quality poon to the public, the porn-worthiness of this rag has been overtaken by the wave of naive liberal sentiment that is spews forth from every page. Obviously since Playboy is a porno magazine it will naturally have "progressive" tendencies as its major opponents will be stuffy conservative Republican Christian types, but since the main selling point is pictures of naked women, its major consumers will be men.

Which is why the anti-man sentiment in the magazine is so perplexing.

Article after article praises "alternative" lifestyles and insult masculine traits. Such is the case with the article by Mr. Balko which accuses American police departments of increasingly using "...paramilitary tactics..." against poor innocent criminals.

While Mr. Balko sits safely in his tony Upper West Side of Manhattan digs puffing on some thai and bemoaning the plight of those persecuted by the gestapo Police SWAT teams to the members of his Mulatto studies literature club, the very men he defames are ensuring the continuance of his existence through their thankless work- protecting the good people of this country from the barbarians within our gates.

In the article Mr. Balko uses a grand total of six examples of SWAT raids that resulted in deaths instead of arrests between the years of 2001 and 2006. He also cites the incredible rise of the use of SWAT teams, 1300% since 1980, stating that on average SWAT teams are used 110 times a day. Given the rise in SWAT action, the real story should be the lack of examples Mr. Balko is able to present in this article to prove his claims that "We the people" are under siege by the menace of "paramilitary" police units.

What anti-cop liberals want from Police Departments is perfection. What the real world offers is a lot messier. Most people will never be members of a law enforcement agency and therefore they will never experience the stress that goes along with it. This disconnect is clearly exemplified by the strum und drang following the recent shooting death of Sean Bell in Queens last week.

In reaction to the murders of two suburban teenagers, who were illegally partying at Manhattan nightclubs, the NYPD set up a task force to control the late night club scene throughout the City. This task force was staking out a strip joint in Queens where various illicit activities were suspected of taking place. The officers allegedly observed someone with a gun in a group of young men leaving the club, and this group included Sean Bell. After the group entered a car and attempted to leave, an undercover officer confronted them. The driver of the car floored it and rammed the officer.

The question is what would you do in this situation? I would have done what the officer did- try to stop the car from killing me by killing the driver, who turned out to be Mr. Bell. To many in New York City's black community and their allies in the ACLU, the thought of a police officer acting in self-defense is too much to bear and the ensuing days since the shooting have seen much anti-cop rhetoric culminating in a march this past Saturday featuring the combined talents of the Bloods, Crips, and New Black Panther Party. That roster of march attendees should demonstrate to any reasonable person which side is in the right. But to men like Mr. Balko, the police can never be right enough.