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Monday, October 16, 2006


By: A.C #1

Recently a group called has garnered attention with ads that call on President Bush to “take strong action” and show “leadership” in stopping the Genocide in the Sudanese province of Darfur.

Darfur has long been a neglected story and certainly deserves attention but we here at TDL can’t help but notice the hypocrisy of those on the left who have renounced President Bush and his inaction regarding Darfur yet also criticize the action he has taken in Iraq. The two countries, Iraq and Sudan, are surprisingly similar though the expositions in liberal ideological circles regarding each country are quite different. Many who oppose the continued work of rebuilding Iraq favor intervention in Sudan even though Sudan:

· Has an Arab / Muslim government.
· Has never attacked America either directly or indirectly.
· Is not suspected of stockpiling Biological, Chemical or Nuclear weapons.
· Is a highly Oil rich nation.
· Has not recently attacked any of its neighbors.

Through ads from organizations like people who opposed the removal of the murderous Dictator Saddam Hussein seek to gain support for an invasion of a sovereign nation by an advance team of NATO or American forces. As usual the United Nations has been paralyzed into inaction due to the competing interests of those on the Security Council who would caution against any consequences for Sudan fearing disruption in the countries Oil production, which would affect the sustained growth of their economies.

Perhaps to some the lives of Iraqis lost to the hands of Saddam’s regime were not as worthy of salvation as the poor wretched souls who inhabit Darfur. Whether you agree with the Iraq invasion or not, you cannot deny that Saddam Hussein led an aggressive expansionist regime bent on conquering the entirety of the Middle East and had recently invaded two of his neighbors with disastrous results. Saddam also maintained a gulag in which hundreds of thousands lost their lives in a comprehensive extermination of his perceived political enemies. In fact many more had died in the Iraqi Genocide than have to this point in the tragedy of Darfur. So why is the Iraq War so unacceptable to the point of calling for President Bush to be tried as a War criminal or even assassinated, but an invasion of Sudan is somehow long overdue? What makes one morally right and the other a colossal misstep worthy of impeachment or worse?