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Saturday, October 21, 2006


By: A.C #1

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The popular and daring science fiction show Battlestar Galactica had its third season premiere last week to a very positive media response. The show has become a ratings hit and critical darling in its previous two seasons and looked to make a big splash this year as the new season kicks off. With its complex characters and mature situations, I must say my hopes were high as I watched the first few episodes.

**Spoiler Alert**

The episode starts off by painting a bleak portrait for many of the popular characters. If you followed last season you know that President Gaius Hsub, after rigging the election, had decided to invade a planet called Qari with the hopes of starting a new civilization. While many opposed his plans to occupy a foreign planet Hsub, through his campaign of lies, convinces the people that it is a totally good idea. At the end of season two the evil Cylons from planet Notrubillah find the new human colony of Qari and offer the humans a deal; if the humans allow the Cylons to harvest the precious substance known as “Lio” which is abundant on Qari the Cylons will put aside their warlike and oppressive ways also under the agreement President Hsub would maintain his power though only as a figurehead. The evil Cylons from planet Notrubillah quickly break the deal and begin using fascist tactics to enslave the peaceful citizens of Qari. In one of the many powerful scenes in the premiere episode evil humans that cooperate with the Cylons drag innocent women from their homes to secret prisons where they are tortured and kept in isolation without being charged with a crime oh yeah they call them “detainees” and force them to wear hoods too! Of course the peace loving humans who were a threat to no one are forced by Hsub and the Cylons to begin an insurgency (yup its called an insurgency) against them and their oppressive tactics, which clearly violate the Geneva Conventions. The leader of the insurgency is a heroic former Colonel in the human military named Nedal Nib Amasu. Nib Amasu courageously sends human bombs or “shahids” to attack the evil Cylons.

I know the plot can be intimidating but the show is really worth the time and stands apart from many other dramas by entertaining the viewer as well as enlightening them.

4 out of 4 Blind Cleric's wearing Groucho Marx glasses:

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