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Sunday, April 02, 2006


The self-hating, cancerous philosphy of leftism has finally reached the logical final destination of its theoreitcal journey - the destruction of the entire human human race.

That's right, a professor at the University of Texas by the name of Eric Pianka has begun openly advocating the death of the human race, and views it as something beneficial for the planet.

“[Disease] will control the scourge of humanity...We’re looking forward to a huge collapse.”

As if this outrageous and psychotic death wish wasn't enough, 'professor' Pianka has been garnering rave reviews from his students, who have apparently imbibed large quantities of moonbat-flavored kool-aid:

"[Pianka is] a radical thinker, that one!..And at the risk of sounding just as radical, I think he’s right” wrote one student.

Aside of the obvious question such as "what ever happened to universities being dedicated to the good of human kind?", The Dick List believes this episode raises an even larger question that must be addressed. To wit, "HOW THE FUCK CAN WE GET RID OF TENURE IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND WHERE DO WE START?"

No univeristy in America would allow a Nazi to mold young minds; why should we sit back and allow a crazed left wing sociopath to poison them???

And people laughed when Pope John Paul II accused America of nurturing a "culture of death".....

-The List Admin.