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Friday, January 20, 2006

TDL Entertainment News: New and Improved Jesus Coming to a Theatre Near You!

This is a new one: a film has been created in South Africa portreying Jesus as a "tongue-clicking", "Xhosa" speaking African. The new and improved Jesus is intended to "shatter the Western image of a placid savior with fair hair and blue eyes".

"We have to accept that Christ has been hijacked a bit -- he's gone very blonde haired and blue-eyed" said the film's director Mark Dornford-May when asked about his motivations. Mr. May amazingly went on to conclude: "The important thing about the message of Christ was that it is universal. It doesn't matter what he looked like".


If you feel your brain beginning to liquefy whilst pondering that statement, then for Coco-Christ's sake don't click on the link below: