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Friday, January 20, 2006


BET Discovers Sinsiter Global Warming Plot Against Blacks. Bush is Surely to Blame

This just might be the most rediculous news item of 2006 (and its only January). Never mind that its never been proven that Hurricane Katrina had anything to do with "global warming", the argument that "climate change" would effect non-blacks differently than blacks is utterly absurd.

My personal favorite is the "Blacks are environmental 'good samaritans' because they emit 20% less pollution than whites" line. Assuming such is true, the obvious reason behind such a discrepancy is that blacks have a lower per-capita income than whites. Hence they drive fewer cars, use less electricty, produce less waste, etc. To imply that blacks pollute less because the are somehow environmentally altruistic is the height of cynical leftist racial propaganda.

I couldn't come up with a more idiotic story if I was using the People's Cube New York Times Progressive Headline Generator