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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


BY: The List Administrator

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As inherently comical as the recent rioting throughout France has been, one still must feel a small bit of sympathy for the ordinary French citizen trapped in the mess that has been created by that nation's effeminate socialist government.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

In many senses, these have been great days for TDL. Rubbernecking at the massive 24-car pileup that is France and its international 'credibility' is nothing short of orgasmic for all red-blooded Anglophones and an international disaster involving a conflict between our two favorite groups- the French and the Hajis- makes every day feel like gismis (Christmas)!

In fact, your buddy The List Administrator has taken a certain sadistic pleasure in firing up the satellite dish each and every night in order to watch the French news. There's nothing quite like watching the people who practically invented pompous arrogance squirm like a sixteen year old picking up his first date and having to meet her three older brothers and ex-marine father.

Each night brings new and exciting questions which increase the author's viewing pleasure...

"How will they explain this away?" the author ponders.

"I thought socialism was so egalitarian; what's going on here?"

"Will they finally realize that allowing millions of Muslims immigrate en masse wasn't such a good idea after all?"

"I wonder if French chicks still don't shave their pits and if not, does that mean they don't groom their bush either?"

"Maybe this is what it will take for France to finally regain her common sense...."

Not so much.

The leftist French media has spun this story so much that it doesn't even need to go into the dryer. As a matter of fact, France's media makes Dan Rather look like a conservative partisan and the BBC look objective (for more, see

The French media has basically come right out to openly lay the blame for the riots on the center-right politician Nicolas Sarkozy. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Sarkozy is Jacques Chirac's main political rival and was widely held to be the favorite to win the next presidential elections. Consequently, Sarkozy is hated by France's communistic left as well as Chirac's serpentine supporters. It is thought that if elected, Sarkozy would move to *gasp* repair relations with Washington and London- and thus he is a marked man.

What terrible crime did Sarkozy commit? Why, Sarkozy actually believes that the rule of law should apply to high crime areas. He even went so far as to the call rioting housing project hoodlums "riff-raff" which clearly exposes him as a corporate racist Nazi.

Of course Sarkozy is hated by the Muslims in France because he wants to police them and limit their dole from the welfare state. If elected, this man might even insult Allah by asking les hajis to get jobs!

But enough about les hajis pour maintennant; back to French nightly news. The great thing about the French media is that they don't even try to invent links so that their theories make logical sense like CBS did with its "Rathergate" memos. Their propaganda has no basis in reality and does not even attempt to establish a cause/effect relationship between events.

The fact is that the riots were touched off in suburban Paris after three Muslim youths who thought they were being followed by cops attempted to hide in a power station and electrocuted themselves. Exactly what role Nicolas Sarkozy played in causing the morons to resist arrest and then hide among unprotected high voltage wires is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Whatever the reality of the situation, French TV has tagged Sarkozy as a provocateur and implicit racist. According to the French left, the root of Muslim delinquency, barbarism, and inability to integrate into Western society is the French right (I'm sure George W. Bush and Haliburton also receive a healthy dose of the blame). If the right wasn't so greedy and racist, France would be one happy, 'diverse', and 'tolerant' family.

Of course, discrimination and lack of opportunity doesn't explain why the mobs have chosen to attack churches and synogogues in particular ( The left chooses to ignore that a major factor (if not the predominant factor) in the French riots is the deep seeded Muslim religious hatred of any non-Muslim. The left ignores the obvious and instead chooses to dream of ever larger social programs and systems of entitlement.

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This should come as no surprise. It's always the same with the world-wide left: the only way to cure society's ills is a heavier dose of socialism. It is never even considered that it could be socialism that causes the illness in the first place.

For example, after Katrina hit and reports from New Orleans (most of which were false) breathlessly touted civil pandemonium, members of the leftist German government (under loathsome ex-premier Gerhard Schroder) proclaimed that the disaster would have been averted if only the U.S. government were more "involved" in the lives of its people. It was said that Americans needed greater "partnership" with their government, and this was why we couldn't handle a measly hurricane.

In translation, what the leftist German ministers really meant was that post-Katrina civil unrest would have been prevented if America was a socialist country. The inequities of the racist capitalist American system were the root cause of the Katrina disobedience, and such would never occur in enlightened socialist Europe.

It was never considered that New Orleans was run like a welfare state for years before the hurricane hit. Chock full of housing projects and government programs, New Orleans was socialist city much closer to Paris or Berlin than Topeka, Kansas.

What can be said in the Big Easy's favor is that it took a natural disaster of epic proportions to touch off looting and violence. As the Eurofag left can now plainly see, it takes much, much less for their socialist utopia to fall into utter chaos.

What France must do to save itself is plain to see. What it will actually do is also quite clear.

France must put a 10-20 year moratorium on Muslim immigration. No nation needs large groups of uneducated and unemployable laborers who have a violent cultural propensity. It must start eliminating welfare benefits so that the parasites' blood supply runs dry, and it must start arresting or deporting terrorists and provocative imams who incite violence.

Furthermore, French women must start having babies and these kids need to be taught the true value of their Western culture and tradition. A culture with no beliefs or values is a dead culture.

What France will actually do is certainly the following: They will ask for "dialogue" with the rioting Muslim degenerates and probably end up making concessions to them. This, of course, will encourage the Muslims to riot in the future as well as encourage even more of them to flood into France. None of this will be noticed, however, as France will be too busy flagellating itself over its "racist" treatment of the hajis and its failure to integrate them into modern atheist socialist French society.

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Above: Eurofags attempt "dialogue" with Muslim rioters.

Rest assured, the only "dialogue" Muslims understand comes out of the barrel of an assault rifle. French politicians can say and do as they please, but they will not stop the impending Islamification of their country. You can mark my words, these will not be the last major Muslim riots Europe sees. They are, in all likelihood, the first.

Some may find the Paris riots funny and to an extent they are. Because the riots are taking place in France, however, the American mind finds it hard to see the big picture. Its tempting to chuckle at French impotence and say "it serves them right".

But all joking aside, we should not underestimate the seriousness of this situation. What is happening in France is not a Christian-Muslim conflict or even a French-Immigrant conflict. It is, in fact, a battle in the larger cross-national cultural war which will determine the fate of the entire world.

The real fight here is between normal, traditional people in every Western nation who respect and treasure their culture and those leftists who openly seek to destroy the West. Leftist policies supported by leftist media propaganda have created the mess that is modern France, and their continued application will finally lay that once great bulwark of Western civilization low.

Be advised that the same left wing forces that will destroy France are present in your very community. They are in every town hall, every child's text book, every university speech code, every 'diversity' initiative, every television show, and every newspaper. The United States is infected with the same pathogen as France, and a glimpse at that country offers us a picture of what could be our own future.

The United States, as much as we might imagine, is not an island and we need a vibrant and thoroughly Western Europe in order to remain culturally and economically healthy. We ignore France's predicament at our own peril.

I'd hate to give you all such a harsh wake up call, but we are losing this war.